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The Interactive Coaching Tool for
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What is Swiminar?

Swiminar is a web-based coaching tool that connects swimmers anywhere in the world to Elite World Class and Olympic professionals as well as in-house coaching staff to receive video evaluation, real-time coaching advice, technical instruction and tips on how to become a more insightful and faster swimmer.

How does Swiminar Work?

Through web conferencing and other interactive tools including review of uploaded videos,  athletes experience live, interactive sessions both with a professional swimmer who has had the opportunity to review performance and provide assessment and with an experienced coach who will assist the swimmer in understanding the ways in which to integrate the professional advice into their competitive career.  Swiminar allows clients to not only share videos but ask questions and receive valuable input for personal improvements. Once connected, Swiminar clients have the advantage of a “fresh set of eyes” taking a look at their stroke, technique and stamina as a value added component to their strong club, high school, collegiate, or masters experience.

The Swiminar Staff Profile:

Professional consultants to the Swiminar staff come from among the most elite swimmers in the world.  The Professional Coaching staff includes National and World Record holders, Olympic Champions and a wide range of NCAA All-Americans.

Swimmers working with Swiminar include: Arkady Vyatchanin , Darian Townsend , Alejandro GomezLaura Sogar , Pedro Oliveira , Brad Craig , Kelsi HallJoey Pedraza , Roy-Allan Saul Burch ,Carlos Almeida , Madison Kennedy , Felipe Lima , Austin Surhoff , Lexie Kelly , Mike Alexandrov , Roberto Gomez and more athletes coming soon!

What does Swiminar cost and what is included:

For $79.99 you will receive up to one full hour of consulting/coaching expertise to:

  • Review your uploaded video and provide commentary in a live, interactive session.
  • Engage in a personal conversation with the Professional and Coaching staff to ask questions and get valuable advice on ways to improve your stroke, technique and training. This will include discussion of effective training drills and personal tips on preparing for races, preparing yourself and committing to the work of becoming a better swimmer.

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