Social Media

New Wave Smart Marketing (New Wave SM) was built on a social media platform.  Social Media Communication is at the core of our customer and business solutions, connecting with clients, showcasing accomplishments, fielding inquiries and promoting products.

Content, connection and understanding the power of social media is sometimes mysterious to business owners. New Wave SM can help you:

  • Approach business development with a new view
  • Understand that the power of social media can grow your business in ways you never expected

New Wave SM can walk you through best practices in social media, teach you the ropes and provide you with the tools that you will need to independently manage on your own.  All it takes is time.  If you are pressed for that already in your small business New Wave SM can take the pressure out of it for you and manage the day to day activity of all your social media accounts utilizing content that you direct at a fraction of the cost of having paid personnel complete the work.

Social Media is not a poster on a wall or a comment that floats onto the internet. It is a marketing tool, crafted to connect you to your existing and future customers wherever they may be. No flyers, letters, envelopes or stamps are required. Social media is a powerful and effective tool that costs you nothing except the willingness to have skilled professionals guide you along the path to visibility, connectivity and profit.

In addition to establishing your media platform position and strategy New Wave SM offers service to monitor its effectiveness and make recommendations for mid course correction when needed to maximize impact.

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